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I'm Taylor McGee, a 25-year-old artist and designer based in Brooklyn.

Hardworking and passionate, curiosity is the core of my design practice. I adore learning new skills and experimenting with new techniques for future designs. With a background in fine arts, I have experience working with a large variety of media. 

I am currently working as a full-time designer at GSTQ and as a freelance designer for Kitchen United.


I am also working in my personal practice as a multidisciplinary artist. I think of my work as abstract mixed media collage— with the medium being whatever I am fascinated in at the time. Short films, printmaking, painting, clothes— I follow my inspirations and my whims to whatever ends they lead me. I have partnered with local businesses and national programs to create immersive art events in both Gainesville and New York City.

I’ve had a lifelong romance with live music, patterned shirts, and the art world— I'm super kind, marginally funny, very bad at dancing, and extremely excited to work with you! 


Let’s collaborate. Shoot me an email at

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