I'm Taylor McGee, a 24-year-old artist and designer based in Brooklyn.

Hardworking and passionate, curiosity is the core of my design practice. I adore learning new skills and experimenting with new techniques for future designs. With a background in fine arts, I have experience working with a large variety of media. 

Since my 2020 graduation, I have experimented across mediums, succeeded,  failed  learned, and refined my style. I started my brand and studio Twin Blush— through which I freelance, create and sell products, and collaborate to create immersive events and experiences. 

In April 2021, I partnered with a local Gainesville business, The How Bazar, to produce a solo gallery show and interactive art and fashion event. 

Since moving to NYC, along with freelancing, I partnered with national non-profit, Hughes and Vecchione Dance Projects, to create an interdisciplinary dance and art experience in Tribeca. I also started my corporate career working full time as a Brand Designer in hospitality tech.


I’ve had a lifelong romance with live music, patterned shirts, and the art world— I'm super kind, marginally funny, very bad at dancing, and extremely excited to work with you! 


Let’s collaborate. Shoot me an email at tayloremcgeedesign@gmail.com