I'm Taylor, a 23 year old artist and designer who just moved to New York City. 


My obsession with colors, patterns, and textures is what drives my art. I notice beauty everywhere— the wrinkles in tree bark, the facades of buildings, the flow of people along the sidewalk, the grit of decaying paint. My inescapable fascination with everyday beauty is the catalyst for my design. I believe in bold, dynamic design that challenges conventions but stays rooted in authenticity. My colorful style can adapt to fit any project. With a background in fine arts, I have experience working with a large variety of media. 


As a 2020 graduate, I was unsure of what the future held. I turned to what I know best— hard work and experimentation. I started working with different mediums— branching into wall decor and sustainable fashion. After refining of my style, I launched my studio and brand, Twin Blush. Along with selling art and freelancing, I partnered with local business The How Bazar to host my first ever solo gallery show and interactive event, Studio 352. Two weeks later, I packed my bags, moved to New York City, and am eager to work with new creatives.


I’ve had a lifelong romance with live music, patterned shirts, and the art world— I’m infatuated with the

funky, unique and unapologetic. I'm super kind, marginally funny, very bad at dancing, and extremely excited to work with you! 


If you're excited to work with me too you can send me an email at tayloremcgeedesign@gmail.com