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These posters are a part of my ongoing #pitchforkproject! A couple months ago I had the spur of the moment urge to make something massive and beautiful that meant something to me. I thought about it for days and decided I wanted to send a love letter to the most important thing in my life: music.  


But how? With so much music out there and so much music that I adore I didn't know where to start. My brainstorming and reflecting and hair-tearing-out led me to making this series of posters.  I decided to make a poster for each song on Pitchfork's top 50 songs of 2019 list. With this list I could connect to all kinds of music across all genres and I wouldn't have to spend hours each time trying to decide what my content should be. 


This project means even more to me now than ever, allowing me to still feel connected to the culture and industry of live music while it waits patiently for the day it can return to doing what it does best: bringing happiness and love to all of us. 


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In case you want to see more of my art, what music I'm plaguing my instagram stories with, cute videos of my cat agnes, concert pit film, and pictures from the cities I run away to with my spare time.