Spring 2019





User Interface


ontour app 

Ontour is an app prototype designed to help fans see their favorite artists on tour more easily. Using my own experiences from camping for shows as research as well as interviewing several of my friends who attend shows frequently, I was able to create an app prototype that is truly user-centered and fan focused. From my research, I was able to identify the most important information fans need to be able to follow a band on tour or plan a concert trip. I then designed an all inclusive app that gives fans easy access to all of this information and makes it easy to connect with other fans attending the same shows. 





The home page is where users' artist bank sits. These are the artists in your spotify and itunes libraries that have tour dates scheduled in your selected travel locations. Users can scroll through different artists and click on any to see tour dates, information, and pictures. If a user wants to search for any other artist and add them to their bank they can. 


This page takes you through the process of signing up for and account. Users input their personal information as well as information about where they would like to see concerts. The onboarding process also syncs your music libraries. 


The Friends page allows users to connect with other users who are going to the same shows as them. Users can sync their contacts or search users by username. The friends page allows users to connect with and plan shows with other users with ease. 


Artist pages exist within the home page. When a user clicks on an artist in their bank the app navigates to the Artist Page. Here users have access to all of the tour dates within their selected travel locations for a particular artist. Users can also see photos from past tour dates.


Venue pages exist within artist pages. When a user clicks on a city an artist is touring, the app navigates to the Venue Page. Here users can see all the information for a particular date on tour. This information is expansive and includes: venue information on queuing, overnight camping, and parking; fan reviews of the venue and security, nearby accommodations like hotels, places to shower, and public restrooms; food within walking distance, other users going to the same tour date, and other shows that are nearby (within 150 miles driving).