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Fall 2019





User Experience



More often than not, when the canon of design history is taught and discussed, it is egregiously exclusive. For this project, we were asked to explore an area of design history that is left out of the narrative and create a card game about it. Pride! is a Heads-Up style card game centered around the history of the LGBTQ+ community as seen through a designer's lens. 

In Process Card Iterations


Style Guide


I began this project by researching extensively. The bulk of my content came from canonical graphic design books, LGBTQ+ history books, and Queer x Design by Andrew Campbell. After researching, I brainstormed different gameplay options as well as different visual identities.


After settling on a heads-up style gameplay I added to this structure by giving the cards an interactive foldable element. I designed the cards to open up to a picture and three quick facts about the designer/design. This feature allowed users to learn more about the content of each card as well as facilitated gameplay by serving as hints for cueing the player who is guessing. I iterated many different card designs, I had to make sure the information on the back of the cards was quickly and easily legible while still maintaining a sense of playfulness and energy.

Design Details


Inside Card Detail

Inside detail of the No Apologies! card. This and every other card features a picture of the work/designer on the left and then 3 simple facts on the right. If players do not know a card from the name on the front, they may choose to lose two points and open to see these hints in order to keep the game from stalling.


A stop motion instagram ad allowed me to push the energetic branding even further as well as promote the product for sale.

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