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Jan 2021



Logo/Icon Creation


Twin Blush Studio

For this project I created the logo and branding for my small business and freelancing studio, Twin Blush Studio. Prior to this project, I had been working under the name Your Girl Taylor Studio. After 9 months of evolving my work, making and selling art, fashion, and design, and freelancing for local clients; I came to a break through with my style and my art-making. Having honed my drawing and illustration skills as well as refined my style, I decided it was the perfect time for a rebrand. I needed a new name and new image that would capture my essence, both as a person and a designer. I turned inward and dug deep to my roots in order to create a brand that would feel authentically me. I went through the whole design process of naming and branding my studio in three days. 

Name Ideation

Before I could create my brand identity I needed a new name. I started my process by mind-mapping what I'm interested in and inspired by in life and design. I took all of the words from my mind map and listed them out. I then started adding new words to my list based on the words I had from my mind map. I looked up synonyms and related words. I added words that I liked the sound of and that gave off the same energy as words from my mind map. I then started generating word combinations from words on this list. I went through my many name options countless times, saying them out loud, asking my friends and family for input, weighing options. After a day I decided that Twin Blush Studio fit me perfectly. To me, spreading happiness and love to as many people as I can is the most important thing that I can do. Also, I'm a twin! I felt that Twin Blush was very representative of both my past and my future. 

Ideation and Sketching


Next I sketched on paper to get ideas for a logo flowing. I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate a heart into my logo. I played with different attempts of making a face using the characters TB. I sketched faces on hearts playing with the features and also blush. I decided to go with a uniquely shaped heart for the base of the face. I wanted the heart to have a distinguishable shape so that it could be recognizable if I wanted to scale back my logo for very small and simple application.

Digital Process/Ideation


I took my sketches and brought them onto the computer. Refining my sketch to a final logo took 2 days. When making the logo digitally I wanted it to feel both cute and edgy. I also wanted to take inspiration from music/concert culture and design. Music and concerts have been a huge passion of mine for so long and I feel that their influence is heavily visible in my work as a designer. I wanted my logo to reflect these concepts as well. (The alternate logo is shaped like a guitar pick!) I decided to take inspiration from American Traditional Tattoos because this style goes hand in hand with the culture surrounding live music and the crowds I have immersed myself in through my traveling and adventures. I tried many different typefaces to try and capture the dualities I wanted my logo to carry (cute/edgy and vintage/modern). I chose the slab serif Matchbook (Textured) as my typeface base because it is bold yet approachable and carries a vintage sensibility. I chose my color palette by referencing all of the work I have made in the last year and distilling it down into the three colors I used the most and also enjoyed working with the most: warm pastel pink, light teal, and medium yellow. These colors are also a spin off of the traditional primary colors which ties the logo to the roots of my fine arts background. The specific colors I chose feel friendly and inviting to balance the bold qualities of the lines in the logo.

Final Solutions

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